Untangling UK and EU fisheries: Is it possible? Is it desirable?

The EU had some big wins for fisheries. Post-Brexit it's essential we build on this progress More

Take control of food, farming and fisheries, Brexit government urged

NEF's Marc Stears signs letter to David Davis and Theresa May More

Today EU countries run out of fish

EU member states produce just half of the fish that they consume each year More

An historic moment for UK marine conservation

How fishers and regulators are working together create a healthier marine environment More

Putting communities at the heart of a post-Brexit plan

Solutions to our biggest problems won't come from Westminster alone More

Flotilla Factcheck: the EU’s impact on UK fisheries

Nigel Farage's flotilla made a lot of noise, but what are the facts? More

5 reasons Nigel Farage is wrong about the EU and UK fisheries

The evidence clearly shows the Common Fisheries Policy helps the UK fishing industry More

World Oceans Day: 3 reasons to be optimistic

Oceans keep our climate safe and stable and bring huge benefits for local communities More

An opportunity for the new Scottish Fisheries Minister

5 steps to make Scottish prawn fisheries fairer, smarter, healthier and greener More

EU measures for protecting seabass: our response

A positive step, but we shouldn’t need a crisis to solve a problem More

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