Complementing our work on monetary and financial reforms we are also the UK's leading institute in theory and practice of complementary currencies. These community-led, bottom-up exchange systems stimulate more vibrant, equitable and sustainable economies locally. We researched and worked with LETS, timebanking, the Brixton and Bristol Pounds and support innovation and implementations of currency initiatives in the EU-Interreg project Community Currencies in Action.

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Blog post // May 18, 2015

Money that works for people and the planet

Community currencies can unlock a range of social, economic, and environmental benefits More

Publication // May 18, 2015

People Powered Money

Designing, developing and delivering community currencies


Publication // February 27, 2013

Energising Money

The world is facing an ecological crisis. Our economic system fails to properly account for the natural resources on which human prosperity depends. But attempts to remedy the problem, for example through environmental taxation, fail to address an elephant lurking in the room: the monetary system. Energy-related money offers a means to improve the qualities of the monetary system, while also stimulating the low-carbon energy transition we urgently need.


Publication // December 1, 2002

The Money Trail

LM3 has been tried and tested across the UK, from agriculture to social enterprise to local government procurement, to determine how money coming into your community is then spent and re-spent. The Money Trail shows you how to use LM3 to find out what’s really happening in your local economy, and how you can make it better. You can find supplementary materials and downloads on nef‘s Plugging the Leaks website