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Our work is all about opening up debate, and we envisage a political culture where everyone has the skills, information, opportunities and right to contribute to decision-making processes. Over the years we have developed a number of tools for which allow people to participate in democratic discussion, helping groups learn about, discuss and decide on complex issues.

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Blog post // October 12, 2015

Revealed: how corporations captured our democracy

Under the cover of a little-known initiative, policymaking is being put into private hands More

Publication // October 12, 2015

Threat to democracy

The dangerous impact ‘better regulation’ in the UK: a little-known initiative putting law making in the hands of business


Publication // April 5, 2011

The Voter Power Index

This report examines the distribution of electoral power amongst voters in the UK and the possible impact of a change in the electoral system. It compares the distribution under the current First Past the Post system (FPtP) with the Alternative Vote system (AV) which will be put before voters in the May 2011 referendum. Our aim is to help voters consider the impact of the choice on offer in the referendum.


Publication // June 30, 2010

Crowd Wise

Crowd Wise is a participative method for taking shared decisions. It produces outcomes which the participants are more likely to support or be able to live with. Crowd Wise is a tested and flexible format which can be used for a wide range of issues and decisions. It can work as a single event, or over a period of time; it can work for 15 people or 1500; it can be used to set priorities, allocate budgets or respond to a consultation.