Climate scientists warn that tackling global warming has never been more urgent, or our time to take action more scarce. But it is not an impossible fight. Our changing climate is just one symptom of a malfunctioning economic system - by investing in new, green infrastructure and recognising that most global carbon deposits are now unburnable, we can move to a low-carbon and sustainable economy.

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Blog post // November 27, 2015

Energy round-up: who’s responsible?

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Publication // July 7, 2015

Power failure

Five fundamental faults of our energy system


Publication // March 11, 2014

Model behaviour

Comparing climate science with economic forecasts.


Publication // November 10, 2012

The economics of oil dependence: a glass ceiling to recovery

As growth in oil production slows and global demandcontinues to rise, sustained high oil prices and price spikes will have asignificant impact on the economy, in effect placing a glass ceiling oneconomic recovery