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Seven decades on from the Beveridge report, our welfare state is under threat. Widening inequalities, a dysfunctional economy, moribund democracy, dangerous erosion of social solidarity, threats to the natural environment and an agenda of economic austerity all pose major challenges. Meeting these will require both a new macroeconomics and new approach to public services that engages communities and targets social problems at their root cause.

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Publication // November 16, 2015

Local early action: how to make it happen

Report from the Southwark and Lambeth Early Action Commission


Publication // February 17, 2015

People, planet, power: towards a new social settlement

A bold new approach to the social and economic challenges we face today


Publication // November 30, 2012

Beyond Beveridge

The Beveridge Report was designed to deal with extreme social and economic conditions. Beveridge called it ‘a time for revolutions, not for patching’.1 Seven decades later, we face an entirely new set of problems. We might call them the ‘five giants’ of the post-Beveridge era. More

Publication // April 5, 2012

The Wisdom of Prevention

We must getbetter at preventing harm – to people, planet and the economy. This calls forlong-term planning, upstream investment and early action. It will improvepeople’s quality of life, make better use of public money, reduce the need forcostly state services and help to safeguard the future. Preventing harm isessential if we are to make the Great Transition to a sustainablefuture.