Major transport and infrastructure projects have huge environmental, social and economic implications, for present and future generations. That’s why it is vital that policymakers consider a full range of potential impacts as part of their decision making process.

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Blog post // June 21, 2015

A fairer way to fly

70% of flights are taken by 15% of the population - why do we subsidise them? More

Publication // April 10, 2014

Royal docks revival

The case for closing London City Airport - why it makes no economic, environmental or social sense to site an airport on inner-city land.


Publication // June 18, 2013

High Speed 2: the best we can do?

Creating more value from £33bn


Publication // April 19, 2010


This new report establishes robust,well-rounded evidence for what many in business and civil society have suspected all along – that the case for a third runway at Heathrow is at best in complete and at worst completely flawed. By taking an approach based on Social Return on Investment analysis, NEF has produced a more rounded and realistic analysis of the costs and benefits of Runway 3.”
- from the foreword by Ian Cheshire, Group CEO of Kingfisher plc